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Our Approach

Our Approach

Two way to address the problem

Create all appliances specific to the ability of each type of users like normal, SCI , Blind etc.
Empowering PwDs with appropriate tools so they can utilize the same set of things a normal person uses.


In the case of visual impairments (vision disability), this bridge called augmented spectacles makes it possible for persons with such disabilities to completely dissolve back in society with normal beings.

Likewise, our solution focuses on building the bridge (in this case an app), and with the help of this solution, quadriplegics can control the things they use in their daily lives like wheelchair, bed, lights, doors, television, computer, etc.
The basic model uses a client controller
and a host device that needs to be controlled. Server script
needs to be installed in the host devices to translate commands to operations.

This Approach is very Practical, Cost-Efficient
and will also Enable other Possibilities
as well