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Do you have enough space to accommodate students, faculties, non-working groups, etc but you don't know how to inform them about such an opportunity?
Alternatively, are you an owner or management fellow of a School, University, College, firm, etc, and are you willing to inform respective stakeholders about your hostel facility?
Or in another case, do you already hold a hostel service and want to make it more prominent amid the era of the digital revolution?
There is a huge possibility that you may resonate with any of the following or related situations, and you might be willing to search for a solution to it. Then hold on, as you are in the right place that can provide you with solutions.

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An IT Aid to your chaos

Hostel service is one of the leading residential services for any stakeholder that provides it, whether Schools and Colleges to students and faculties, or firms and industries to working employees. With the spike in digital usage, one always wants to stay ahead so that one to make the most of it.
It is in this situation where Acmo Network can facilitate you with developing adaptable Hostel websites that can generate maximum efficiency and enhance operationality.

Let us discover how

We are a dedicated team of professionals who make sure to develop web designs that can fetch your Hostel the desired attention, sales, and profit. In the sphere of Web designing, we make sure to include services such as:
Adaptable websites
We can develop websites for you that can operate on both iOS and Android processors. No matter what students, faculty, or employees use, we will make it easy for all. This will ensure you a wider reach and facilitate stakeholders to reach you in one go.
Custom Web development
We are open to designing and amending the design the way you want. Whether it is putting Hostel information first, hostel structure on the home page, putting hostel search filters on the top, or adding new icons like Hostel pictures, videos, etc. Let us know what you prefer!
Web design
This is the overall structure of your hostel website. We curate it carefully and wisely. Placement of each icon, page, search filter, photograph, video, etc is done after giving them a hundred thoughts. Because we make sure that your website allows users to say- This is it.
Web maintenance
We don't just develop a website for you, but we will make sure to maintain it as well. Requirements such as upgrading features of the hostel website such as previousrecords, alumni details, and funds, linking it to the main campus website, or uploading registers, fee details, weekly information, etc.
Linkage to Social Media
We link your Hostel site to the social media platforms, as that can help you in increasing your reach by putting hostel details, events, fests, calendars, etc. Social media access can also help you figure out more potential stakeholders.
Adding new features
We will design a website in a way that starting from your Hostel home page till the page end-session, the students or employees do not feel that they are wasting time in unnecessary scrolling. This will allow students, etc to know why they should opt for you over others.
Feedback option
We integrate the review option on your webpage. This allows the residents to put forward their stay experiences and becomes a bonus for future visitors. Additionally, it assists in pinpointing areas that could be enhanced.
Multiple Payment Gateways
Students can pay fees from different operators, or Alumnais can deposit funds through various modes. To make sure that it all happens smoothly we codify multiple payment gateway options to streamline your financial aspect.
Numerous search filters
We create separate search spaces for each filter you want, like Hostel calendar, Events, functions, seats, fee structure, etc. The more user-friendly your hostel website is, the more satisfied the stakeholders will feel.
This feature integrates your hostel location on the online maps so that you can figure easily. Remember, no one likes to roam here and there unnecessarily in search of an address, always be precise, up-to-date, and accurate.

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