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An Overview

The movement disability statistics suggest that 8 million people in India were disabled in 2011. As the population increases the numbers are also likely to increase. To tackle the dependability and to increase the QoL of the quadriplegic patients we propose a Quadrinorm Unified Control Bridge as a solution for these wheelchair-bound users to help them gain control over their surrounding and thus become less dependent


Our Vision

Our vision is simple, to improve Quality of life and integrate quadriplegic patients back in the society, so they live in the current world without having to rely on a separate set of devices especially crafted to counter their disability. In the case of visual impairments (vision disability), this bridge is called spectacles which makes it possible for persons with such disabilities to completely dissolve back in the society with normal beings. Likewise, our solution focuses on building the bridge (in this case an app), and with the help of this solution, quadriplegics can control the things they use in their daily lives like wheelchair, TV, AC, lights, doors, television, computer, etc.