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Email Marketing

Grow Your Business With Our Email Marketing Services

Shift the way you communicate! Engage, inspire, and exert more influence among your audience through our custom-built automation and broadcast campaigns. Nothing can fetch you a credible audience than genuine messages styled in an email format.


How Email Marketing Services Help You

Email marketing is one of the most reliable and accessible services to help you reach the target audience with minimum investments. Just what you require is a professional team to handle this matter for you.

Email marketing can:

Grow Your Brand
Turn your subscribers into “Brand Ambassadors” by sending them loyalty discounts and keeping them updated on your latest products, services, and blog posts. This can increase your brand awareness and customer base.
Grow Your Business
Grow your business through email marketing by turning your customers into your potential customer list. Besides generating a flow of subscribers with every new message. This is precisely what our email services offer: a way that allows you to make a name for your business.
Unbeatable ROI
For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019). That’s an ROI of 4100%! It means your Return on Investment will be something that can push you towards doing more.
Connect With Your Audience
Emails let you test different themes and CTAs (calls to action) to see what your audience responds to the most. That means you can figure out the emails that generated the best response, prompts, and posts that made people reach out to you, and much more. Such a strategy allows you to continue with the best solutions and upgrade those that are less in demand.

E-Commerce Email Marketing

For E-commerce websites, we have two services in store:
1. Email Marketing Campaigns

We do not write emails that users will not want to open. Our email marketing campaigns are not the same generic image-based messaging that the audience goes through regularly. We create “broadcast emails” that your customers will look forward to opening. Each email contains an important tip, fact, or story related to their main goals or desires. Furthermore, through more conversions and sales, you’ll benefit from having a swipe file of the most successful CTAs and offers that you can use again and again.


E-Commerce Automations

2. Email Automations
The automation emails lead to the best possible results. Having automated emails in-store means not only can you forward the right emails to the right group, but you can save a lot of time by not writing emails again and again.

SAAS Email Marketing

As a SaaS company, you want to connect with your audience and move them down your sales funnel. We recommend five email campaign types below that can help:

Acquisition Email Campaign
The acquisition email is at the top of the funnel. It’s sent to the email contacts you have gained from lead magnets, newsletter subscribers, and people visiting your important pages. The goal is to get these prospects to make a commitment and sign up for your service. In other words, this allows you to claim a set of customers because you know their response to you.
Freemium User Activation
The goal of this campaign is to help prospects use your software immediately and frequently. Freemium customers usually don’t get access to all the features of the paid product. These emails are like prompts to the customers letting them know how they could be missing out by not upgrading to the paid product. The motive is to attract customers towards your brand and develop an inclination for the same.
Brand Loyalty
Like we yearn for loyal friends, we also yearn for loyal customers. Paying customers should never feel like they’re being ignored. This email campaign keeps them updated with product developments, blogs, industry news, and forthcoming webinars. This lets them know that you’re continually adding value and helps you minimize churn.
Freemium User Upgrade
This campaign uses account usage triggers to convert freemium users to paid users. The triggers used depend on your specific software. For example, they could fire when the software is used, credits are low, or after the use of specific features. These emails are timely and amplify why the user would want to pay more. This is done to push users to sign up for your service.

The Secret to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

The Right Audience
Knowing the target is important in whatever task we do. In this case, knowing the right audience will make or mar your brand progress. We segment and clean your list to ensure your emails reach the most qualified prospects every time.
The Right Copywriting
Good copywriting is part and parcel of research. We dedicate our time to understanding what your audience cares about and what makes them take action. Ultimately we aim to ensure your emails reach qualified prospects every time.
The Right Offer
The best copywriting in the world, backed by a compelling offer, is unbeatable. We collaborate with you to craft irresistible offers that your customers will eagerly snap up. This approach ensures that you effortlessly reach your target audience.